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Training Options

I currently teach an Introduction to Clinical Supervision Course for City University of Seattle at the Langford Campus near Victoria.


This is taught in a Mixed Mode format. While it is a graduate degree program, it is possible to audit this course which is delivered in October and November each year. I have re-designed this course from simply an academic curriculum to an experiential format that covers both the academic side and also some training opportunities to get practice in using the skills while trying out various supervisory models. This to me brings the content to life.

Note: Other City U campuses teach the academic version.

Here is the link to my course

For those who may be seeking course work in clinical supervision, as well as this course, there is a certificate course in the near future to be offered, also by City University, designed for a practicing clinician or practicing supervisor wanting to up-grade their knowledge and skills.

City U Certificate Course (in development)

There are also a number of other sources for acquiring this education and training option that I am aware of, (not intended as a complete listing) listed below:

CAMFT Certified option: For further information email Vange Thiessen 

BC Justice institute option

BCACC In-house option (in development)

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