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My nuggets: What I have noticed from over 40 years counselling & supervising.

Early in my career I was insprired by the writing of Sheldon Kopp PhD,  from his book “If You Meet the Buddha on the Road, Kill him.”  His Eschatological Laundry List in particular spoke to me. Later on, my longtime supervisor Dr. Graham Mills also articulated many themes that just seemed to replay while doing this work. So this is my version, I hope you will find them useful to you in some way, and feel free to pass them forward.

My orientation to this work is through 3 primary lenses: psycho-dynamic, somatic and gestalt all nestled within a patiently delivered person-centered process.


I will post one nugget per month starting July 1st. I welcome any comments or feed back in the space provided.  Stay safe, practice good self care and walk your talk.  David.

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